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Even the Trees

One of the many, many things I love about going back to Texas is getting to see the trees I grew up with. You see, even the trees are different down in the Lone Star State. I marvel at the Texas Live Oak trees; to me they feel like the quintessential tree. I’m sure that it’s just me, but they seem to have the perfect shape. Of course, there are other trees in Texas you don’t find in Kansas…


Tripping It

We are finally home and somewhat settled from our 9 day family adventure. We headed south to San Antonio where we spent a couple of days vacationing and I assisted Hubby shooting a wedding before we took the long way (home, for me) to Houston and spent a few days with my family. I chose not to carry a camera for much of the trip, but there are still plenty of photos. It’s not an adventure without a few bumps in the road, but we might have had more than our fair share this trip. There were parking boots on our car when we returned one night in San Antonio after we’d paid properly for the space we were occupying, and it turned out that it was a common problem with this company. After an hour long wait in a hot parking lot with two kiddos up after bedtime, not enough water to go around, and a $100+ fee paid, we were back on the road again. There was a lost camera (the preschoolers’) that we never did find, a family stop for ice cream on the side of the road that turned ugly when a local police officer hassled hubby for taking photos, we happened to be near a power substation, a cell phone left at a stop for food and fuel that caused us to turn back on the way home, and a myriad of other small things. Even with all the bumps in our road, we still had good trip overall. I’ll leave you with a number of photos now, but I’ll be back with more in a couple of days.


Wrapping it all up

All in all, Hubby and I had an amazing, wonderful trip together. It was awesome to have time together to truly relax! Plus, we had a whole ton of fun…

We took in a Devil Rays game while we were there. For the record, that’s not our kid…

We ate wonderful meals with empty laps during which we did not have to tell anyone “no” or “sit down”! We enjoyed leisurely (mostly window) shopping.

We spent hours and hours on the beach, walking, talking, creating, reading, resting… Oh, and taking pictures!

We took time to stop and admire the local flora.

And we jetted home on Shamu! Yep, that’s our whale of a plane on the tarmac.

I think we are just about through the horrific adjustment period of coming home; I hope… Looking back through the photos does remind me that it was all worth it!


At the end of the day.

Our last evening in Florida looked something like this:

Take time to watch the end of the day and build something playful; it was so wonderful.