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The Final Block

The final block of the Super Secret Surprise was finished sometime in February? Or did I actually finish it in December, but not take the photo until early March? I really, honestly, can’t say; all I do know is that all 30 blocks are complete. Not a single stitch of seaming has happened as of yet, but someday, in the future, I’ll surprise all of you and Hubby with the entire thing sewn up! For now, I’m knitting away on a blanket for the baby, and I think that it’s my favorite baby blanket so far.


Late again!

Nope, not the baby, but the November block for the SSS. I confess that it has been finished for a bit, but it was completed *ahem* in the month of December. I cast on for the December, and final!, block a couple of nights ago. It’s the last thing I’d like to finish knitting before Christmas; I’ll let you guys know how it goes!


October drags on

The October block for the SSS was added to the pile just a couple of days ago. Yes, it was *ahem* late, but the pile grows ever taller. I am so very close to finishing the knitting for this one! When I start to get excited, I just remind myself of all the seaming to be done! There are 30 blocks, you know…


September, reporting late

The September SSS block was completed in September, but it’s taken me until tonight to get a photo snapped for you guys. Here it is; October is coming right along. I only have 2 more blocks to knit after the October block that I will finish this week. I would be starting to wonder what to do with all my extra knitting time, but I haven’t even cast on for a baby blanket yet.


Two for One: August

I’m going to apologize for my recent missing posts; I normally share with you folks 5 or 6 times a week. Of late, however, I have, well, slacked off a bit. I’m a bit more tired these days as we head for trimester 3, and there is just so very much to get done around here these days that I am finding it hard to get photos taken and even harder to sit down in front of the computer. I figure I owe you guys a two for one at this point, and I still have a dress to get photographed and share!

The KU alumni association hosts a football kick off party and pep rally not too far from us every fall. Normally we attend as a family every year; as a matter of fact, we have gone together every year since it began. That is, we continued this tradition until this year when Hubby had a wedding. I chose to send the boys off in grand style with their grandparents and aunt while I stayed home and essentially began the very important process of nesting. Yep, nesting! More about that later…

The August block for the SSS is complete. I had some extra knitting time on my recent solo, whirlwind trip to Texas, and I was pretty set on cranking this out so I could get back to knitting a sweater to keep me warm this winter. Which is exactly where I am heading right now!

Happy weekend!