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I had this idea a few years ago. I even bought sweaters and fulled them in the wash. I would tell you that the fulled sweaters sat and waited patiently, but, indeed, they did not. They were used for all sorts of things over the years. Finally, this year, I made it happen! Each of those little stockings is wool felt, and this year we put a simple scripture and an activity in each stocking. We also added a wool felt star on a stick that we moved from one stocking to the next each day. That felt star was brilliant; it saved us from all the “how long to Christmas?” questioning. They could see exactly how much longer we had to go! I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out, and I am excited about next year when I plan on adding number charms to the ties on each stocking.


A bunny for Bunny

We had some very special guests at our house this year for Thanksgiving. My closest friend, whom I consider a sister, came to visit from Houston with her family. While we see them every time we are in Houston, they hadn’t been here in 6 years. It was wonderful to have them here and spend so much time with them. We couldn’t have asked for a better holiday, and I am so thankful that they were able to be here. The holiday was one of the awesome days where the weather is perfect and everything falls nearly effortlessly into place. The guys smoked a missive amount of meat (only a little of which was turkey!), and the girls cooked up a feast of sides in the kitchen. Hubby took family photos for our friends, and dinner was accompanied in grand little boys fashion by a lengthy trip to the bathroom from one guy and a hilarious potty accident announced by the completely inappropriate removal of everything but his shirt whilst still at the table out of another little guy. I still laugh when I think about our 3 year old standing on the bench in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner and dropping his drawers!

My friend’s daughter in affectionately known as Bunny. I decided to make her a bunny, complete with red felt cowboy boots. She arrived wearing her own red boots, and, unbeknownst to me, she has a collection of bunnies. I’m thrilled that she was able to add this one to her collection, and I’m more thrilled that she liked it.

I really enjoyed making the bunny for Bunny, but it paled in comparison to getting to spend so very much quality time with such amazing peeps. Oh, to get to do it all over again!


First Day of Kindergarten

The biggest little boy started school this year. He headed off toting his mama made octopus back pack. He’s going to kindergarten half a day, and while he was both excited and confident on his first day a few weeks back, I was surprised to see some apprehension on his face in a few of hubby’s pictures. He’s enjoying school quite a bit. He likes to learn so much that we are also home schooling in the afternoon around here.


A Quick Quilt

Seven months is an awfully long time for me to not blog. I have a huge stock of photos; there are just so, very, many things that I have to tell you all about. There’s recipes and sewing, a new business and diet, fresh ideas and plans. Frankly, so much has happened and is going on for us right now that I am caught betwixt not knowing where to start and not having much time to share things. I cannot honestly blame the 7 month absence on writers block in relation to a birth story; a large part of the blame also rests squarely on the shoulders of all the many changes taking place around here. I vow to share all of it with you as time goes on around here, but tonight, well, I’m going to keep things light.

Some good friends of ours recently had their first baby. I was invited to a great shower for the mama to be, and I sat in a house full of amazing company while wearing a sleeping baby in a sling. The week before the shower I spent evenings sewing and quilting a baby quilt for the expected little guy. I’m happy to report that he came, as expected, and is ADORABLE.

I had some help doing a final lint roll of the quilt from a sweater clad little boy. I’m thrilled that he loves his hand-me-down mama knit so very much. It actually was sweater weather when these pics were taken, but he’s been known to come out of his room wearing it, backwards, of course, when it’s 90+ degrees outside!


A quilt for a shower

I was thrilled to be invited to a baby shower for a friend. Her baby boy is due at the end of September, and he will be her first. I feel honored that she has sought out my advice on many topics recently, and I dove head first into creating a quilt for her little one in the middle of last week.

I will confess that the project was finished this morning just two hours before the shower, but I am encouraged by how quickly I was able to get this done. That fact alone might make it possible for us to get ready for Christmas as early as we need to this year with our own new little one on his or her way.

Finished size on this one is around 40 by 60 inches or so; I did not take time to measure it this morning, so this is a pretty rough estimate.

Happy weekend everyone!