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A few moments

I sat down to peruse photos and write a post tonight to discover that nothing I’ve thought about photographing for the blog has actually been photographed. I guess I’ve been a little bit busy lately; too busy, in fact, to even bother putting the memory card back in the camera. Oops. So, all I’ve got is Instagram which streams directly to my computer from my phone (thanks hubby!). Have no fear; some really amazing things happened here recently. From youngest to oldest:


A very first self portrait in sidewalk chalk. My heart soared with this one!

And our eldest discovered just how much he like to hang out in a tree; so much, in fact, that he listened to a complete chapter in each of two books whilst in this exact spot one morning.

Things are starting to reach the humming right along point around here; I am hopeful that all these changes will leave me a bit more time for artwork, blogging, sewing, and *ahem* photos.


Out the Back Door

Most days there are plentiful learning opportunities in anyone’s backyard. but for the last few weeks our boys have gotten a great education in construction while peering through the back fence. We’ve learned about new equipment and happily watched while the city replaced the road that ends at our back yard. There was actually so much work back there that by the end of the process the boys had nearly lost interest in it, just nearly though.

I think the day they laid the new asphalt was their absolute favorite, but they also got really excited about the parade of cement mixers. We even took a drive to see where the cement mixers were all coming from and watch one take a bath. I love watching each of them engage in their surroundings and learn from the things they see!

And I have to admit that I was just as interested in watching the construction as they were. It’s fascinating to see how things are done, and watching all of that had me wondering if they wanted to come do a little extra digging in our yard. An excavator sure would make that sand box we want to build a whole lot easier!


A New Kind of First Day!

We ushered in a new era here in our home this week. I had plans to write about it all summer long, but before I could get the words out, it was time for us to start. Yep, we started school this past Monday, and our families brand of school this year is a rare sort of hybrid. We joined the ranks of home schoolers, but we started our week by dropping the boys off at a local Christian Montessori school for two days of home school enrichment.

Everyone at our house is excited about these new changes, but at least some of us know that however exciting this is, it is also big and weighty. It feels a little bit like a new pair of shoes right now; you can’t wait to wear them, but there’s bound to be some blisters. I am certain that we will have to fine tune our system as we get into a groove of learning in so many places and ways, but we all feel like where we are allows time and space for everyone and everything we need.

We dropped the boys off for their first day with appropriate mama created provisions. They each took hand knitted felt slippers for use in their classrooms with them, and they both carried mama sewn tractor backpacks per their requests. Our four year old was headed for his first day of school ever, and took a mama created nap mat with him.

It’s inevitable that the decision to home school your children, especially after a career as a public school educator, brings about questions about why. I vow to address these questions in another post soon, but I feel like this one should be all about the boys, our excitement, and generally keeping it positive.

We are all thrilled to have found a place they can go that is just so very perfect for us. The school they attend two days a week sits on 5 acres, there are chickens and a pig (yes, a PIG), and the students eat lunch on picnic tables outside as long as the weather permits. Being a true Montessori school, students are given choices and allowed to be independent in their work. All of this was very important to ALL of us. After years of raising kids to live naturally and close to the land, after all the attachment parenting, after teaching them that God comes first, it was easy for us to send them to a school that fits well with all of these ideals.

There were, of course, some first day jitters and some over-tired, over whelmed second day tears when I picked them up (One of the boys was begging me to stay there!), but dad gave pep talks and hugs to both boys. We made certain that they were settled, and then we were off to a rather quiet house.


Amazing Easter

We LOVE Easter at our house. Our adoration is certainly led by our faith, but I’ve always felt that it is much easier for us to keep this holiday simple. Today was perfect. We started out with cinnamon swirl pancakes, then headed to church. We gave the boys their Easter baskets, which were filled with needed new umbrellas, sidewalk chalk, garden transplanters, and chocolates. Then we took them outback to unveil the garden bed frames hubby had built for each of them; we spent the rest of the day outside digging up sod, filling with top soil, and planting seeds in their brand new raised beds. There was even an altered egg hunt where they looked for seeds instead of eggs. The weather was perfect, and I managed to throw a simple pork loin roast with carrots, onions, and potatoes in the oven and a pot of homemade apple sauce on the stove in the midst of all of the gardening. Apparently the day was WAY too good; we had trouble getting all 3 of them tucked snugly into bed tonight. Mama and daddy, however, are exhausted. We do SO hope you had a happy Easter too!

The biggest boy does his rabbit impression.


The Ice Scientists

The big boys (all boys?) are quite taken with ice and water. They’ve conducted all kinds of ice related experiments; most of what they have learned involves floating and melting. I love that they learn so much around here by doing. I love even more that they called themselves “ice biologists” for a while; it became a teachable moment where we discussed whether or not ice was a living thing and how we know if things are alive. Ah, learning at home; it can be messy but they are learning so very much!