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Here we May again

I finally finished the May block for the SSS last night. I am already loving the Brown Sheep skinny cotton I picked up to (hopefully) complete the project. The June block is already on my needles; I am determined to get caught up this month and finish the June block in *ahem* June.

In other knitting news, I just finished aquiring the last of the yarn for another big project that I can’t wait to cast on, but I’m going to keep you guys in suspense for a bit longer. Venture a guess if you like, but I’m not telling for a bit! 😉

I will also confess that I checked 5 knitting books out at the library earlier this week, and I almost immediately added 4 projects to my must knit list. There is a Kumon kimono in my future; I am certain of it! I am off to knit myself to sleepiness. I’m guessing it won’t take long tonight; I’m already yawning.



Hopefully these are four of the last five skeins for the super secret surprise. I recently bought (and then blissfully wound) five skeins of Brown Sheep’s Skinny Organic. I am hopeful that I will finish the May block soon and get back on track this month. I am even more hopeful that I will get back on track this month and finish the June block in, uh, June. I get more excited about completing this project with every block, every skein, every row, every STITCH!


April Showers On

It’s the middle of May. I am just now finishing the April block for the SSS, and it has rained and rained and rained here. Today was actually sunny, but we are expecting more rain tomorrow and Thursday. Between the rain, the boys, and all the other big things we have going on around here, we are having a heck of a time getting beds prepared and tilled and getting our garden planted. We shall prevail, though. There will be fresh veggies from our garden one day.

I hear that April weather is raining down on many of you as well. Enjoy the sunny, warmer days when they come, and stay warm on the not so spring like ones as best you can. Summer will be here soon!


Marching right through April

Yep, it’s the March block for the SSS. I actually finished it on April 3, but I am just now getting around to posting it. The April block, well, I’m guessing it will be raining on May a bit; I haven’t even started it yet. I do have other knitting up my sleeve though…