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Hand Knit Love: The Baby’s Blanket

I finished knitting a blanket for the bambino a while back. I absolutely adore Amish quilts, and I had this blanket planned in my head before I was even pregnant with the little guy. I kept wondering if I could knit the broken bars pattern without seaming, and I kept thinking that it just had to be possible. The knitting, of course, took me a long time. We probably ought to call baby blankets at our house toddler blankets because by the time I finish them our babies are usually walking.

I based the colors in the blanket on my very favorite chair, the puff rocker we have in the nursery. I loved this chair before we had the boys, but now that I’ve spent hour upon hour snuggled up with baby boys here, it’s about the sweetest place for a mama to sit. The blanket came together with the chair, and I couldn’t be happier about how they look together.

I love how each of our boys’ hand knit blankets reflects their personalities. This little guy is possibly the most happy and affectionate toddler I’ve known. He loves to give hugs and kisses, and he gives us “squeeze hugs” that feel as if they’ll never end. The colors in this blanket mirror his happy, fun, yet intense personality, and the super soft, hollow core, cotton yarn feels a bit like one of his amazing hugs. The edge on this blanket also reminds me of dinosaur or dragon dorsal plates (spikes?) cementing the little boy-ness of it for me.

It is just now starting to cool off enough for him to be able to use his new blanket, and you can bet that it will become a mainstay in his bed this winter. I’m hopeful that he’ll want to use it for years to come. We are still tucking in one of his older brothers with a mama knit blanket each night; that blanket was knit in Blue Sky’s Organic Cotton and is so cozy it’s got me thinking I need to knit one for me too. There must just be nothing like curling up for the night under hand knit.



We celebrated the baby’s 1st birthday yesterday (and I promise to post photos of all of it soon), and getting finished with his party left me with a tiny bit of room to breathe. I crashed on the couch last night and folded clothes while watching tv with Hubby. My need for a break was wonderfully coupled with the most amazing weather today; I don’t know what our official high was today, but I saw 63 this afternoon! I took the boys to the park this morning, and this afternoon the biggest boy and I spent our time on a blanket in the yard knitting and drawing. It. Was. Bliss. I seriously considered laying down in the sun on that blanket and taking a nap; the knitting won my attention this afternoon, however.

I should do this more often. Really.


Take me out to the backyard

The oldest little boy played t-ball this past summer, and both the bigger boys have developed a real interest in baseball. We have great family fun playing some version of the game in our backyard, complete with mama knit bases the big guy got for his birthday. I’ll let the pictures do the talking on the rest of this one.


The Final Block

The final block of the Super Secret Surprise was finished sometime in February? Or did I actually finish it in December, but not take the photo until early March? I really, honestly, can’t say; all I do know is that all 30 blocks are complete. Not a single stitch of seaming has happened as of yet, but someday, in the future, I’ll surprise all of you and Hubby with the entire thing sewn up! For now, I’m knitting away on a blanket for the baby, and I think that it’s my favorite baby blanket so far.


A Quick Quilt

Seven months is an awfully long time for me to not blog. I have a huge stock of photos; there are just so, very, many things that I have to tell you all about. There’s recipes and sewing, a new business and diet, fresh ideas and plans. Frankly, so much has happened and is going on for us right now that I am caught betwixt not knowing where to start and not having much time to share things. I cannot honestly blame the 7 month absence on writers block in relation to a birth story; a large part of the blame also rests squarely on the shoulders of all the many changes taking place around here. I vow to share all of it with you as time goes on around here, but tonight, well, I’m going to keep things light.

Some good friends of ours recently had their first baby. I was invited to a great shower for the mama to be, and I sat in a house full of amazing company while wearing a sleeping baby in a sling. The week before the shower I spent evenings sewing and quilting a baby quilt for the expected little guy. I’m happy to report that he came, as expected, and is ADORABLE.

I had some help doing a final lint roll of the quilt from a sweater clad little boy. I’m thrilled that he loves his hand-me-down mama knit so very much. It actually was sweater weather when these pics were taken, but he’s been known to come out of his room wearing it, backwards, of course, when it’s 90+ degrees outside!