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Amazing Easter

We LOVE Easter at our house. Our adoration is certainly led by our faith, but I’ve always felt that it is much easier for us to keep this holiday simple. Today was perfect. We started out with cinnamon swirl pancakes, then headed to church. We gave the boys their Easter baskets, which were filled with needed new umbrellas, sidewalk chalk, garden transplanters, and chocolates. Then we took them outback to unveil the garden bed frames hubby had built for each of them; we spent the rest of the day outside digging up sod, filling with top soil, and planting seeds in their brand new raised beds. There was even an altered egg hunt where they looked for seeds instead of eggs. The weather was perfect, and I managed to throw a simple pork loin roast with carrots, onions, and potatoes in the oven and a pot of homemade apple sauce on the stove in the midst of all of the gardening. Apparently the day was WAY too good; we had trouble getting all 3 of them tucked snugly into bed tonight. Mama and daddy, however, are exhausted. We do SO hope you had a happy Easter too!

The biggest boy does his rabbit impression.