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Science, in a wrap

Little boys (and I’m certain little girls too) LOVE science. They love to experiment and explore, and I think it needs to be encouraged. There’s nothing like giving them some tools and a home for them to spur on scientific expeditions. We missed an important birthday party in September, and I delivered this gift to his mama at lunch last week. A super simple wrap that is just like the others I’ve made in the past, but contains an unlined journal for recording obeservations, a pencil, a magnectic wand, and a magnifying glass. There are also plenty of empty pockets for all the various specimens little guys are bound to collect.


A very special shower

My sister in law is getting married! We are all thrilled about it, and we took time to have a shower for her this past Saturday. I will confess that I looked at her registry, decided that everyone else would go that route, and went and did my own thing.

After much thought, I finally hit upon something I felt was perfect for a new bride that I could manage at 8 months along: placemats, napkins and napkin rings. The placemats are hand dyed cotton on one side and a striped linen blend on the back. The napkins are also hand dyed cotton, and the napkin rings are 8 gauge copper wire. I did have to pull out the jewelry files, and I hadn’t used them in years, but I had a blast making the napkin rings.

What’s a shower without food, right? There was a ton of yummy nosh, and I stuffed my waddling, pregnant self full of egg caseroles, sausage balls, strawberry shortcake triffle, and other amazing dishes. There were 5 of us who hosted, and we all love to cook; plus, my mother in law graciously donated her house for the event! I was asked to make sugar cookies, and I created bride and groom cookies to fill the request. These are really easy; I used the recipes I’ve posted in the past for chocolate sugar cookies and Mamie Eisenhour’s sugar cookie recipe. I cut circles for the grooms and frosted them to wear tiny tuxes after they were baked. The brides were cut with a bell cookie cutter, and I trimmed the little tab off of the top before frosting them with white in the hopes that they would resemble veiled brides from the back. I’m glad I decided to make the grooms too; the brides don’t really hold the image on their own. In a pair, however, they read just as I’d hoped they would.


All Hallowed Out

We created pumpkin lanterns at our house using the same hammer and golf tee method that we used last year. The preschooler can now appropriately use the claw end of a hammer! I’m even more thrilled with this year than I was last year.

The boys also both chose their own costumes this year. The toddler lead the way by declaring that he wanted to be a “rocket man”; which we verified meant astronaut. As soon as the preschooler got wind of this, he declared that he would be the rocket. I LOVE the combo!


A quilt for a shower

I was thrilled to be invited to a baby shower for a friend. Her baby boy is due at the end of September, and he will be her first. I feel honored that she has sought out my advice on many topics recently, and I dove head first into creating a quilt for her little one in the middle of last week.

I will confess that the project was finished this morning just two hours before the shower, but I am encouraged by how quickly I was able to get this done. That fact alone might make it possible for us to get ready for Christmas as early as we need to this year with our own new little one on his or her way.

Finished size on this one is around 40 by 60 inches or so; I did not take time to measure it this morning, so this is a pretty rough estimate.

Happy weekend everyone!


Super Heros

Please excuse what just might be the world’s worst photos! The boys were recently invited to a birthday party for a friend; it was the first of a round of four year old parties. We are also in the planning stages for our own four year old’s party; he, however, refuses to turn 4. He claims that he does not want to get older, and although he loves parties, he only agreed to have one for his birthday this year if we agreed that he could stay 3. Enter super mama; we will be having a 3 + 1 party this year.

I digress; I thought long and hard about the perfect 4 year old gift for this particular little friend. Then I remembered seeing a super hero cape somewhere that someone else had made, and I knew just exactly what the little guy needed. I dispensed with a pattern, chosing instead to draw with a white charcoal pencil directly on the fabric. I cut out two black cape pieces, appliqued the letter and lightening symbol to one of them, and then stitched the two pieces to each other right side together. I left the top/neck open for turning, turned it right side out, pressed it, and used bias tape I’d made to close the neck and create the ties. Then I made a quick, unlined, drawstring bag to hold it; a boy can never have too many little bags! This was so simple and such a hit that I can see us using it as a go to birthday gift for a bit here. We might even need one for a certain 3 + 1 party I know is coming up…

I also need to share that the boy NOT turning 4 is teaching us exactly how difficult parenting a nearly 4 year old boy can be. Bedtime has become even more of a challenge, and this one is pretty determined that learning to use a potty is just not for him. We are currently going through more patience than we thought we had at our house, and I want to be the first to tell you the Hubby is super dad! He seems to know exactly when to stand his ground and when to offer grace; it is a delicate balance, you know. And I am proud to be married to the guy who can handle it so very well!