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Christmas Handmades

I’m going to be very brief tonight, but I wanted to share the few things I photographed before Christmas. I also made the boys superhero capes, but I havent taken any pictures yet…

There were more pillow cases made this year, but they were mostly used to wrap gifts.

The boys and their cousin received their own shopping bags each containing a burrito or taco kit made from wool felt. I cut the tortillas out of wool felt, then needle felted the grill spots on them with brown wool roving. I used a dinner plate to trace the big burrito tortillas and a salad plate for the taco ones. The fillings were all cut from fulled wool sweaters. These were super easy and have been a big hit!

I also whipped out a small tagged teether for our little one in case he (or she…) had arrived in time. This, however, never did make it downstairs. Of course, neither did the stocking I filled…

I’ll pass along other projects and photos as I can, but our Christmas this year was really very simple! And I really liked that about it!


More Ready!

In all honesty, everything for Christmas was finished around here last week. The gifts are wrapped, most of them in homemade pillow cases. The tree is up and decorated, and undecorated, and decorated again on a daily basis! The stocking stuffers are all sorted into labeled bags and boxes so someone else can be santa at our house tomorrow night if I happen to be in labor.

And the final necessities for the baby are complete. I finished this car seat bunting yesterday; we have to keep the little one warm through the midwest winter! I am also starting to fight rising blood pressure and worsening edema. I will be mostly off my feet for the next two days in hopes that it will help with the issues, and we are starting to pray that we can just have a baby sooner rather than later! I promise to post as soon as I can after we have post birth photos, but for the mean time, I am signing off. Time for some maternity leave!

Love to all of you! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


For 13 days…

I get to be the younger one for 13 days every year! Hubby and I were born exactly 13 days apart; we celebrated his birthday nearly two weeks ago. I am just now getting around to posting about it as SOMEONE 😉 borrowed (stole) my favorite lens and I couldn’t take the needed photos of his big birthday gift. I think we did it up with style this year; there was:

A six layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

Boy created (with mama’s help, of course) bath salts and olive oil salt scrub.

A mama designed and sewn bowling bag, which is rather silly, since hubby doesn’t own a ball right now! We’ll have to get to work on that one, huh?

And a small canvas of this photo I took of the boys pretend fishing together.

Happy Birthday, again, Honey! We love you!


Ready to bundle

We are esssentially ready and waiting over here when it comes to the new arrival. The birthing supplies are all in order in our room, the boys are excited, the belly is huge, the newborn hat has been knit, and some naturally hand dyed blankets have been sewn to swaddle the little one. These are marigold dyed silk and tea dyed flannel, and, yes, those are stars tea dyed onto flannel. I made a discovery a while back, and I finally figured out how to replicate it! We are hoping to have a few more days, but whenever this little one decides to arrive is just fine with all of us!



When you think you might give birth right before Christmas, you also think that you should be prepared, you know, just in case you have a baby just in time for Santa to arrive. We are ready; the unborn, nearly unnamed, little one who will be joining us sometime in the next little while already has his/her own mama made stocking to match the big brothers’ stockings. Think I’m over doing it? Try explaining to your four and a half year old that the baby doesn’t have a stocking only a day or two after birth… Just try. Yep, I didn’t want to either!