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Holiday Handmades: Epiphany swords and Valentine shields

I made the big boys swords from wool felt for epiphany this year. It follows that once one has a sword, he should probably get a shield as well. So, all three boys were subsequently made denim and wool felt trimmed shields for Valentine’s Day. It made perfect sense that the toddler should have a shield but not a sword; he needs to protect himself, right?



We have had a strange and wonderful (mostly) sort of day around here. The biggest little boy woke in the middle of the night in a screaming panic and threw up; it wasn’t until he demanded to take a nap this afternoon that I knew he was actually truly sick. In my defense, he did tell me in the middle of the night that he only threw up because he was so upset; this is something he has a history of doing. At any rate, our morning started with simple toast and apple juice, and getting off to school went smoothly simply because he really wanted to go today.

The younger two boys and I returned home to make a late second breakfast of oatmeal and fried eggs. We spent a leisurely morning mostly indoors just being. The middle kiddo donned his boots and coat for a while to explore outback with a table knife; he wanted to cut ice! I managed to sneak cutting the boys sandwiches with a heart cookie cutter while he was outback.

I was shocked when all 3 of my children slept soundly this afternoon AT THE SAME TIME! I shunned taking a much needed nap myself and headed straight for my studio to concoct something for Hubby. I stitched him a heart. I loved doing it. I think he liked getting it.

The boys almost all woke in tears at nearly the same time, but I was so relaxed from an hour ALONE that it didn’t really phase me. I’d put dinner in the crock pot this morning, and easily whipped up the rice, caramelized onions and sauteed red peppers to go with it while the boys played outside. Dinner was even an all around hit tonight.

Now, the boys are sleeping, and Hubby and I are sitting on the couch watching tv with popcorn. It’s been a great Valentine’s Day!


Holiday Handmades: Valentine Beanbag Toss

I was determined this year that the valentine the biggest boy took to his classmates would be fun, gifty, inexpensive and NOT involve food, specifically candy. After much thought, we decided to great a beanbag toss game. It was actually rather simple; we designed a card, that with a few cuts and folds, becomes a target. We also sewed and filled with rice some tiny beanbags which we attached to the card with a heart clad clothespin.

If you need a last minute valentine for this year, you can get a PDF of the card we used here: valentine beanbag toss. We printed that, took it to a local copy place, and had it photocopied onto card stock. They also kindly cut them in half for me. Then we cut 2 inch by 4 inch strips of fabric, folded them in half right sides together, sewed up the sides, turned them, filled them about 2/3 with rice, stitched the top closed, and pinked the raw edges.


Holiday Handmades: The Boats

We made so very many things for Christmas (and BIRTHDAY!) gifts this year that I’ve decided to do a series of posts instead of trying to tell it all in just one. The big boys made each other boats as Christmas gifts. Each of them made all the design decisions, but mama worked the saw. They also each did at least a bit of sanding.

The sail boat the middle brother (and I) made for the biggest brother.

The tug boat that the biggest brother helped make for the middle one.

These have been a huge hit around here. The only trouble is they didn’t make one for their baby brother. I think we are going to have to change that…


Take me out to the backyard

The oldest little boy played t-ball this past summer, and both the bigger boys have developed a real interest in baseball. We have great family fun playing some version of the game in our backyard, complete with mama knit bases the big guy got for his birthday. I’ll let the pictures do the talking on the rest of this one.