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Tranquility: Tomorrow Night

I’m so sorry for my recent absence, but I have been very hard at work preparing for a show. I will have five new works on display tomorrow night for First Friday in the Crossroads at the Imago, 217 W 19th Terrace, Kansas City, MO from 6 to 9 pm. If you are in the area, drop by; I’d love to see you.

I do promise that I will be back in this space regularly next week; in the mean time, I’m heading back to work. The last piece still needs to be assembled!


A quilt for a shower

I was thrilled to be invited to a baby shower for a friend. Her baby boy is due at the end of September, and he will be her first. I feel honored that she has sought out my advice on many topics recently, and I dove head first into creating a quilt for her little one in the middle of last week.

I will confess that the project was finished this morning just two hours before the shower, but I am encouraged by how quickly I was able to get this done. That fact alone might make it possible for us to get ready for Christmas as early as we need to this year with our own new little one on his or her way.

Finished size on this one is around 40 by 60 inches or so; I did not take time to measure it this morning, so this is a pretty rough estimate.

Happy weekend everyone!


Feeling Loved

I made this fabric book for a print making project when I was in undergrad at KU. It’s about the seasons. I chose an image and a color to represent each season, and I sewed the entire thing together so it opens, alternately, up and down and side by side. I understand that the construction is a little odd, and truthfully, the project was not all that well received in critique or by the professor. I hung onto it anyway; I had worked hard on it. Even though the concept of the book was not entirely successful, the execution and craft were pretty strong, and I was certain I would use it later, for something.

:: Summer

:: Fall

:: Winter

:: Spring

:: The final page, a reprint of the cover with the season images shifted one slot in rotation.

I got the book out for the boys to play with when the toddler was a baby. It did not hold either of their interest much at all and ended up spending a lot of time at the bottom of the toy box. A few weeks ago I was cleaning up in the preschoolers room and found the book in his bed with all his blankets (I think there’s 7 of them…) and pillows. I held it up and asked him, “Have you been sleeping with this.” He smiled and said, “Yes.” Guess one of my two most important clients decided it was just right.