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A bunny for Bunny

We had some very special guests at our house this year for Thanksgiving. My closest friend, whom I consider a sister, came to visit from Houston with her family. While we see them every time we are in Houston, they hadn’t been here in 6 years. It was wonderful to have them here and spend so much time with them. We couldn’t have asked for a better holiday, and I am so thankful that they were able to be here. The holiday was one of the awesome days where the weather is perfect and everything falls nearly effortlessly into place. The guys smoked a missive amount of meat (only a little of which was turkey!), and the girls cooked up a feast of sides in the kitchen. Hubby took family photos for our friends, and dinner was accompanied in grand little boys fashion by a lengthy trip to the bathroom from one guy and a hilarious potty accident announced by the completely inappropriate removal of everything but his shirt whilst still at the table out of another little guy. I still laugh when I think about our 3 year old standing on the bench in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner and dropping his drawers!

My friend’s daughter in affectionately known as Bunny. I decided to make her a bunny, complete with red felt cowboy boots. She arrived wearing her own red boots, and, unbeknownst to me, she has a collection of bunnies. I’m thrilled that she was able to add this one to her collection, and I’m more thrilled that she liked it.

I really enjoyed making the bunny for Bunny, but it paled in comparison to getting to spend so very much quality time with such amazing peeps. Oh, to get to do it all over again!


At the Ballpark

One of our wonderful dates last week was to the ballgame with friends. We had a FABULOUS evening. It started off with a tasty, albiet hot and windy, tailgate dinner before the game, continued with amazing seats and wonderful company, and ended with a pleasant and breezy evening that had us hanging out in the parking lot while the traffic cleared even after we jump started one of the cars. Hubby and I almost didn’t want to come home!

The view from our seats!

I have also been taking a few hip shots lately; I’m discovering that you have to take a WHOLE lot of them, and that there is an art to this that takes some serious practice. A couple of the ones I took at the game:


Blueberry Picking

We head out almost every Wednesday right now with a group of friends to do a fun activity. Last week we hit the zoo, and I opted not to take a camera. This week we picked blueberries. There’s nearly 4 pounds in the fridge to prove it, and we will all be dreaming of muffins, buckles, pies, and jam tonight while we sleep. In the mean time, you can find me in the fridge narrowing down the stash!

The big guy finds a good one.

Our friends Stephanie, Laura, and O.

O checking her progress.

The little guy picks another one, and I am certain that it went in his mouth. He picked a lot of berries, but only had five in his bucket after an hour!

Our haul at the end of the day, opened back up after our picnic lunch because mama wanted more WARM berries.

Some of the kids on the “train”; our boys are the middle two. I must apologize for the horrific picture here; this amazing contraption is pulled by a tractor. The boys HAD to ride it and had a blast. A perfect end to a wonderful morning together; the kids go off on a fun adventure and the mamas sat quietly in the shade with a wonderful breeze.

The same farm has blackberries for picking starting in mid-July. My favorite berry! I can’t wait!


Little Ones

We headed to our closest park and met Shannon and her son for a picnic lunch one day about a week ago. After lunch we all headed for a walk around the lake. Two mamas herding three little boys came across these little guys. The goslings were still so young that they had a bit of their yellow fluff left. We had to leave all too soon. It is spring, and we do hope that you have some cute little ones in your world to gander at for a bit.