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A Day at the Farm

We headed to a local dairy farm for a tour today; the folks at Shatto Milk are kind enough to open up the operation for city folk like us to come and see what they do. While the toddler embraced every opportunity he could on the farm, the bigger little guy found the whole experience a bit frightening. He did tell us tonight that he had fun, and, ironically, that his favorite part was watching them milk the cows. This was, of course, the part of the tour that had frightened him the most. Go figure!

I’ll let the photos from our tour tell the rest of the story:


Blueberry Picking

We head out almost every Wednesday right now with a group of friends to do a fun activity. Last week we hit the zoo, and I opted not to take a camera. This week we picked blueberries. There’s nearly 4 pounds in the fridge to prove it, and we will all be dreaming of muffins, buckles, pies, and jam tonight while we sleep. In the mean time, you can find me in the fridge narrowing down the stash!

The big guy finds a good one.

Our friends Stephanie, Laura, and O.

O checking her progress.

The little guy picks another one, and I am certain that it went in his mouth. He picked a lot of berries, but only had five in his bucket after an hour!

Our haul at the end of the day, opened back up after our picnic lunch because mama wanted more WARM berries.

Some of the kids on the “train”; our boys are the middle two. I must apologize for the horrific picture here; this amazing contraption is pulled by a tractor. The boys HAD to ride it and had a blast. A perfect end to a wonderful morning together; the kids go off on a fun adventure and the mamas sat quietly in the shade with a wonderful breeze.

The same farm has blackberries for picking starting in mid-July. My favorite berry! I can’t wait!