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Fall: The Pumpkin Race

Hubby had a wedding this past Saturday and was unable to participate in the pumpkin race. This is quickly becoming an annual tradition for us, and while we never end up winning, we have a blast building and racing. The day of the race brings not just racing pumpkins, but crafts and an amazing, long, relaxing hayride through the park. We were blessed to have soon to be uncle Orion on our team this year; thanks for helping us out!

The littlest boy made friends with a girl scout mom who also happened to be on the hayride with us. He took right to her; good thing she turned out to be very friendly!


Fall Means: Pumpkins

We took the boys to the pumpkin patch yesterday, and we all had a whole ton of fun! We’ll be carving our haul up soon, and I’ll post pics as soon as I have them. The boys both fell into bed exhausted last night; too bad their pregnant mama was up half the night… Here’s hoping that tonight I sleep better!



It’s down right HOT here. It’s too hot to go out much at all, and with another sick little boy, there just hasn’t been much going on around here. I will confess that I have allowed mothering to consume me for the most part of late. Photos just have not been taken.

There is a lot going on around here though. We’ve torn newspaper to add to the compost. I made braised steaks, polenta, and pasta for dinner. There’s a maternity dress in the sewing works. The knitting needles have clicked away on two different projects. Snuggles have been given. Medicine was measured and doled out. Dishes were washed. The sorting, washing, folding, and putting away of laundry has continued. Life has gone on around here, but so very much is happening.

The list of things to get done before Christmas time and baby’s arrival keeps growing longer and the time is growing shorter. Life just keeps happening too; I will be heading on the road again on Thursday. I am headed back to Texas to be with my family for a couple of days; my uncle passed away this past weekend. I don’t know if I will manage a post tomorrow night in the midst of packing and preparing everyone for my absence. It may be that you won’t hear from me again until after my return. Have a good week; keep on living, it will all get done in due time.



It was one rough week around here. The preschooler finally decided it was time to ditch the diapers and start using a toilet! We are thrilled, but as with any big transition in his life, he is experiencing some significant turmoil manifested in amazing feats of boyish acting out and devastation. Of course, we’d started the week one the little one sick. Each day brought new challenges, many of which, while significant, I can’t even remember at the moment. The close of the week brought the news that we will not be birthing at home as there is not a suitable midwife available in our area at the time we are due, as well as news that one of my uncles has been moved into hospice care and is not expected to make it longer than a week or two. I started taking photos for this post on Thursday simply because I needed to focus on something positive, the little moments that we share throughout the day that keep us going when the going, well, gets rough. These are just a few of the things that brightened my day:

A little guy trying to fill some very big shoes, even if they are on the wrong feet.

Water, out of glass, on the go. Hubby and I picked these up while we were in Texas; I’ve been hunting for an adult version ever since I saw the glass baby bottles with silicon sleeves at a local store, (now closed) It’s Only Natural. These have me drinking my daily portion and maybe a bit extra; it tastes like WATER, just water.

The flowers that our CSA farmer, Zawadi, gives to which ever boy is with me when we arrive at market each week. They are always passed along to me later, and they make me smile every time I glance at them!

Popcorn, air popped, with butter and salt.

Fresh Tomato Gratin Stew! You haven’t eaten an heirloom tomato until you’ve baked them into this dish; I died and went to tomato heaven yesterday afternoon when I baked this, then promptly consumed *ahem* half of it. The recipe is in Marion Cunningham’s Lost Recipes, and I had every intention of sharing my version, adapted to be SLIGHTLY lower in fat, with you tonight. I do not have it in me to type a recipe right now, and I promise to share it soon. I will be baking another one of these this week with our heirlooms from market; if you arrive at just the right time, I might be willing to share! 😉

Here’s hoping that you had a better week than we did, and here’s to next week being a vast improvement for all of us!


A day at the lake

The boys and I gratefully accepted an invitation to the lake today from Uncle Jared, Aunt Starla and their kiddo, H. We had a wonderful day, and I truly wish that we had time to visit them on their vacation again this week. It was a laid back day of boating, swimming, fishing, and general frolicky goodness. Naps were had in the car on the way home, and two little boys were perfect gentlemen in the car for two hours each way. We even came home to dinner, ready, thanks to a crock pot and Hubby!