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In a Jeep

A few weeks back I found this parked on the play table (used mostly for city building!) in the preschooler’s room. The toddler was, not surprisingly, responsible for putting some sheep in the Jeep. I laughed out loud, then snapped a (poor) photo. The little board book Sheep in a Jeep has long been a family favorite. I filed the photo away planning to post about it eventually, and then I forgot about it.

Fast forward to the last week where we have all been sick, Hubby shot a wedding out of town over the weekend, the boys had horrible cabin fever, and the last thing I could even think about doing was taking a photo of anything. With only the very bare minimum getting done around here, the normal daily photo taking ceased. There are two sinks full of dirty dishes in the kitchen, the laundry is threatening to take over the house, and other than yanking the vacuum out the clean up the half a box of kosher salt the boys spilled on the basement stairs TWICE in only about 10 minutes time (I’ve got to remember to replace that lock!), I have not done a lick of cleaning in 3 days. This is not *our* house… We’ve all been there right?

Add to all that the looming deadlines of garage sale in less than two weeks and big show in less than a month, and you have one crazy mama. I was too sick and too swamped to even “call” in sick to ya’ll!

I sat down tonight hoping to find something photo wise quickly that I could share with you, and this little “gem” was already on my desktop ready to go. Um, hello? Huge blessing! When I started typing I took another quick glance at the picture; something new I hadn’t seen before caught my eye. I’m not the sheep in the driver’s seat this week; I’m the one passed out, upside down in the passenger seat! Thank goodness God has all this under control!


Feeling Small

There has been a whole lot going on around here lately. We are still trying to get caught up on laundry from my trip, and the pantry and fridge are starting to leave a bit to be desired. Many decisions are in the works right now for us, and I feel like most of them are beyond my control. I am taking comfort that anything outside my realm is still in God’s hands. I may in fact be small, but God is bigger than anything we have going right now. Peace to all of you!