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Another day in the life

I left here toting my camera last Monday with every intention of documenting my day. I quickly noticed that the camera battery was almost dead and had to limit photos. Today was not a stellar day, and well, Monday was a really FUN one. It seems as though sharing a bit of my Monday is the best way to move on from the difficulty of today.

Two little boys were dropped off for their respective days at school and PDO. I am happy to say that they are both excited to go each day/week and that we are thrilled with how things are going.

One furry beast got to go for a ride in the truck courtesy of a 4 year old who let her out the front door instead of into the basement when we were headed out the door to drop him off at school. Honestly, I can remember getting really excited when the dog got to ride along for the drop at school when I was growing up; I don’t mind humoring him.

Breakfast number 2 (of 3…) was eaten on the way to an appointment with the midwife. Turns out that Hubby stopped for a bite for me too on his way to meet me there, hence breakfast number 3, and our midwife was at a birth in the middle of no where without phone service.

We left and headed our separate ways again, he had to go to work, and I got to go to Lawrence. We LOVE Lawrence! I stopped to do a bit of shopping on the way, visited a favorite fabric shop for a mere single skein of embroidery floss, and headed to meet an amazing friend for lunch.

I insisted that we meet here for my favorite grilled cheese one last time before I have to go dairy free again for a bit. Being one of those understanding and true friends, she obliged. We’ve known each other for something nearing 20 years; we’ve got some serious water under the bridge. I love the fact that months can go by and we still pick up and chat as if no time has passed at all. I wish that we could do it so much more often!

I left lunch to do a tiny bit more shopping and head back home to pick up the boys. The rest of the day is kind of a blur after that, but I did finish Christmas shopping. Well, at least I think I did…

Hope you have a good day to focus on when times are tough.


A bit of my Sunday


A little adventure

I was blessed by my in-laws to have some time alone with my younger son late last week. We headed out on an adventure just the two of us.

  • A photo, shot from the hip, of my date for the afternoon
  • A mama loved stone wall
  • A little guy who enjoyed moving at HIS pace
  • What we should always do with puddles
  • The sound of a wooden bridge
  • A new discovery
  • What dandelions were made for
  • Sometimes you have to venture off the trail
  • What I got when I asked him if he was going to pick a flower for mama

It turns out that when you are two years old an adventure can be had in the puddles and dandelions found in a short half mile of paved trail. This was one of the best dates I’ve ever had!