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More Ready!

In all honesty, everything for Christmas was finished around here last week. The gifts are wrapped, most of them in homemade pillow cases. The tree is up and decorated, and undecorated, and decorated again on a daily basis! The stocking stuffers are all sorted into labeled bags and boxes so someone else can be santa at our house tomorrow night if I happen to be in labor.

And the final necessities for the baby are complete. I finished this car seat bunting yesterday; we have to keep the little one warm through the midwest winter! I am also starting to fight rising blood pressure and worsening edema. I will be mostly off my feet for the next two days in hopes that it will help with the issues, and we are starting to pray that we can just have a baby sooner rather than later! I promise to post as soon as I can after we have post birth photos, but for the mean time, I am signing off. Time for some maternity leave!

Love to all of you! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!



When you think you might give birth right before Christmas, you also think that you should be prepared, you know, just in case you have a baby just in time for Santa to arrive. We are ready; the unborn, nearly unnamed, little one who will be joining us sometime in the next little while already has his/her own mama made stocking to match the big brothers’ stockings. Think I’m over doing it? Try explaining to your four and a half year old that the baby doesn’t have a stocking only a day or two after birth… Just try. Yep, I didn’t want to either!


The stars have it

Some of you know that I love, and collect, stars, but I’m guessing that many of you don’t know about this little aspect of our house. We have star everything around here, and I was prompted to get out our outdoor Christmas lights (stars!) by our 4 year old last week. Nothing like a little boy to motivate decorating that hasn’t happened since he was born! It was fabulous to watch his eyes light up over and over again through out the process! I still smile every time I come home and see our front door just thinking about how happy he was/is about them.

Then we made the pies for Thanksgiving dinner. We went with apple and pumpkin, and I keep hearing from Hubby how wonderful they are. I will admit that the pumpkin pie is the best I’ve ever made, or was; Hubby polished it off tonight. We popped the remaining apple in the freezer; I figure that it will be good after the bambino arrives. Of course, we topped the apple pie with stars: