11 Traditions

Your eleven pipers piping are some of our Christmas traditions around here. Maybe you’ll decide to join us in some of these, and if you do, please let me know about it. I’d love to hear how you make them your own!


1. The Christmas prints. I have done these since Hubby and I were first married. We used to send them out alone as our Christmas card to friends and family, but now that we have the boys and Hubby is a professional photographer, well, we send out a card with family photos on it as well.

2. A trip to see the Plaza Lights and the table at Hall’s. If you’ve never been in the KC area for the holidays, you’re missing out. The Plaza Lights are a long tradition around here, and the table at Hall’s is always decked to the nines with amazing decor and candy. This year’s trip was a drive by while the snow was falling. Last year? We actually missed this one!

3. Lunch out some place of my choosing on Christmas Eve.


4. The holiday creating frenzy. This year it has resulted in MANY late nights for me, and while I am loving it. I will also be glad to go to bed early on Friday night. Of course, I can’t reveal what I’ve been up to just yet, but I will tell you that all that yarn up there, mostly handspun, was knit into gifts in the last week. And when I hit publish on this post I will put my laptop on the coffee table, finish a bit of hand sewing, and pick up my knitting needles.

5. Cheese burgers for dinner on Christmas Eve. We started this one around the time the preschooler was born, and it works great. I patty the burgers sometime during the day, and Hubby starts up the grill as soon as we get home from church. Dinner is on the table in almost no time, and little boys get to bed only slightly later than usual.

6. Home made cinnamon rolls. The preschooler and I made the dough yesterday morning, and I rolled them all out while he played out back with a friend. (yep, it was that nice here yesterday!) We make more than we need and share them with a few very special friends.


7. My good friend Linda and I generally have a handknit gift exchange. This year we stipulated that we would knit head wear from our stashes. She is doning the hat I came up with for her. I received a wonderful tam-like hat that I LOVE, and I will post photos of it later. Haven’t had the time to do the hat justice yet.

8. Decorating our tree and house generally happens a bit later than in most homes. We usually wait until after Hubby’s birthday, but lately, with such little boys around, we’re waiting even later. It makes having the tree and nativities out even more special when you only see them for a week or two.

9. Christmas Eve church. Hubby and I have always love the candlelight service, and both of us were disappointed last year when the boys just couldn’t make it through more than 15 minutes of the 5 pm service. We seriously considered trying to find a sitter so we could go back at 11 after they were asleep. One of these years they’ll be old enough to enjoy the carols and the late night service.

10. Tator tots wrapped in bacon always accompany our homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast. The cinnamon rolls were my family tradition; the tator tots wrapped in bacon were from Hubby’s family. And while I know that it sounds strange; I kid you not, they are delish! I was a huge skeptic the first year we were married, but I am sold on them now that I have had them. Before we head to bed tomorrow night I’ll cut uncooked bacon slices into thirds, and wrap each piece around a frozen tator tot. I’ll pop them into a container and put them in the fridge. The first stop Christmas morning will be to preheat the oven to 350. The tator tots will cook on a cookie sheet for about 20 or 25 minutes, and the cinnamon rolls will heat for the last 10 minutes of that. We’ll be opening gifts while breakfast cooks…

11.Hand made Christmas gifts are the result of all the creating that goes on around here. And Hubby and I both work hard to be sure that each of us has something hand made under the tree on Christmas morning. I feel bad, but I haven’t even started on anything handmade for Hubby yet this year. I have a few ideas still, we’ll just see if I have time to pull any tricks out of my sleeve tomorrow.

I had a brainstorm while I was in the shower tonight. I’m hoping this becomes a new tradition for us this year. We are woefully in need of cookies for Santa around here, and I think the preschooler and I will just have to bake some tomorrow. Since a proper cookie for Santa should be a frosted cut out (Where do I get this stuff?…) and 3 year olds just aren’t good with patience or frosting cookies, I decided on the snowball. We’ll mix up sugar cookie dough early tomorrow morning and roll it into a log. After a bit in the fridge, we’ll slice and bake. Then we’ll top them all with white frosting, maybe even adding some shredded coconut to a few. And since they’re snowballs, it won’t matter how messy our frosting is!

Well, it’s darn near midnight here and I’ve got some serious knitting to do. Oh, yeah, and at some point I need to sleep…

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  1. December 30, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    Love the list! And LOL as for where you get this stuff (i.e. the frosted cookie) it sounds like Michelle is channeling through you! Really I can hear her as I read it.

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