Out the Back Door

Most days there are plentiful learning opportunities in anyone’s backyard. but for the last few weeks our boys have gotten a great education in construction while peering through the back fence. We’ve learned about new equipment and happily watched while the city replaced the road that ends at our back yard. There was actually so much work back there that by the end of the process the boys had nearly lost interest in it, just nearly though.

I think the day they laid the new asphalt was their absolute favorite, but they also got really excited about the parade of cement mixers. We even took a drive to see where the cement mixers were all coming from and watch one take a bath. I love watching each of them engage in their surroundings and learn from the things they see!

And I have to admit that I was just as interested in watching the construction as they were. It’s fascinating to see how things are done, and watching all of that had me wondering if they wanted to come do a little extra digging in our yard. An excavator sure would make that sand box we want to build a whole lot easier!

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