Holiday Handmades: For the baby

The bigger boys really went all out for their baby brother for Christmas. The eldest insisted on making him a mobile; it was only after much deliberation that we decided to do animals. We spent an afternoon cutting the chosen beasts out of wool felt; then there was a bit of machine sewing, some hand sewing, and some stripes to draw. His favorite part of the project was the afternoon we spent assembling this and playing with/learning about balance. I can’t tell you enough that you should make some sort of kinetic, hanging art with your kids. The best part? Not only did the big guy have a blast and learn a ton making this gift, but the baby LOVES it!

The middle brother and I worked hard together to make a large, soft, stuffed, chimed ball for the little guy. We used this pattern from the Purl Bee, and I stashed a chime I already had inside when we stuffed it. The 3 year old picked all the fabrics and helped me stuff this. This has become a steady favorite choice for baby play!

I built the little guy a small wood box with a hole in it. With the addition of a silk scarf, it’s a little like the ultimate tissue box for him. He loves to pull the scarf out over and over again. I also have a collection of cotton hankies I used for some dye tests for a previous art show that I plan to load up for him at some point. He also likes to put other things in his box, including some of the smaller tree blocks we made him.

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