Holiday Handmades: Valentine Beanbag Toss

I was determined this year that the valentine the biggest boy took to his classmates would be fun, gifty, inexpensive and NOT involve food, specifically candy. After much thought, we decided to great a beanbag toss game. It was actually rather simple; we designed a card, that with a few cuts and folds, becomes a target. We also sewed and filled with rice some tiny beanbags which we attached to the card with a heart clad clothespin.

If you need a last minute valentine for this year, you can get a PDF of the card we used here: valentine beanbag toss. We printed that, took it to a local copy place, and had it photocopied onto card stock. They also kindly cut them in half for me. Then we cut 2 inch by 4 inch strips of fabric, folded them in half right sides together, sewed up the sides, turned them, filled them about 2/3 with rice, stitched the top closed, and pinked the raw edges.

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