Simply Resolute

I had grand plans to come up with a master list of stuff to do this year; I was hoping to find 100 things to put on it. I was going to call it 100 wishes. It was hope against hope; the year opened for me with elation that things would be better this year. I had grand plans. Part of me wants to scream “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” right now. Most of me knows that life for us right now is bound to contain too many demands and transitions for me to focus on a huge list like that. In the end, I wasn’t even able to finish making the list in a timely fashion. Ultimately, the reminder came through loud and clear: keep it simple.

This should not be earth shattering to me. This should not be eye opening. We strive to live a simple, close to the earth, faith driven life around here; food is natural, books prevail over screen time, learning occurs throughout our days, life is built on a rhythm that connects to the seasons and responds to each of our needs, and we humbly follow a God we know. Why on earth did I think I should make such a huge list? I think I felt that having every little thing I wanted to accomplish nailed down would make it easier, and I think I was grasping at trying to make things different. Last year was HARD for us; I did not want more of the same.

Right here, right now, it feels like more of the same. The boys all have a touch of something; I have changed more diapers and wiped more bottoms in the last 48 hours than I ever dreamed I would. I am living on an average of 4 hours of sleep per night. The fridge and pantry are empty, and I haven’t a clue when I will find the time to go to the store. I thought I had the laundry all caught up (Finally!), but the extra diapers and wipes had to hit the wash tonight or we wouldn’t have what we needed tomorrow. Life happened. It has a way of doing that, you know.

This is not more of the same, though. This is different. Last year is gone, and this year we start with all that we learned to build on. We head out on new adventures, and even when things are tough, we have the experience to grow through our trials. This is different. I have not been here before, and I will not come this exact way again. I should make the most of it while I am here, gleaning everything I can from even the challenges and looking in every nook and cranny for the positives, the divine.

The boiled down reality is that all those wishes naturally fell into a few simple categories. The big list of things I want to accomplish will just have to wait; instead I have a short list of goals for this year:

  • Take better care of me.
  • Be the kind of wife and parent God wants me to be.
  • Work at living a “greener”, more natural life.
  • Make progress on improvements in my studio.
  • Start on a new series on artworks.
  • Continue to organize, clean out and get rid of stuff.
  • Be frugal.
  • Improve our home.
  • Become profitable.
  • Read and write more.
  • Live grace.

That’s it, in a nut shell. All of it falls into the realm of living a natural, authentic, connected, compassionate life, and while it might be simple, I am fully aware that it is tall marching orders. Stay tuned; I will continue to write about our adventures.

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