Room for Me

In a house full of boys, most of whom need me to help them wipe still, my day can be a bit crowded. Honestly, I actually found out exactly why the center divider in my sink is a tad lower than the sides a while back. I started dish water, got distracted by something (one?), started vacuuming, and came back to find what you see above. *sigh* In a house where I can make this mistake, there is not enough time for me to be, well, me. I’m giving all of us some grace on this right now; with 3 boys 5 and under, I can expect it to be challenging to do anything alone. Ever. I also know that carving out that time for me is important to all of us; when I take the time to tend to myself, I teach my children to take care of their own needs; I teach them to honor others needs; and I come back more settled and ready to handle all of their needs with a much more level head.

Taking better care of me is one of my biggest, most important goals for this new year, and, yet, here I sit on January 5th, exhausted and overwhelmed. The laundry is piled up because our washing machine is still working only when it wants to (after all sorts of changes made to handle it…), I am functioning on only 4 hours of sleep total for each night this week, and we are scraping the bottom of the pantry, the fridge, and the freezers right now. Breathe. I take a deep breath, and I am reminded that sometimes that deep breath is all that I need. I am reminded that God gives us what we need, each day. I am reminded that there are always to carve out that tiny bit of time.

This afternoon I allowed a rare treat for the two older boys while the baby naps; they are watching a movie in order to allow me a bit of extra time to just BREATHE and REST. Thankfully, the bambino IS napping. Thankfully, I have a plan to finish a small epiphany gift for each of them for tomorrow. Thankfully, I am sitting on the couch listening to giggles while I type away. And,thankfully, I will have the energy to enjoy the zoo with the entire family in an hour or so, even if I don’t squeeze in a nap myself.

While I would love to find a way to carve out a set time for me, I know that probably isn’t a realistic plan for my family right now. I also know that I generally always get just what I need; it’s all a matter of capitalizing on the little moments of time spread throughout the day. They are there, and I only need to breathe.

Or sew.

And when I take that time I have everything I need. I get recharged, and I have the energy for things like:

The Lap Ride.

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