I’m Back!

It’s a new year, and I’m cooking up an entire list of goals for the year. Somewhere on that list is blogging. I have missed being in this space. I love that posting here affords me an opportunity to find something positive or creative in our day no matter what happened, and I plan on being here several times a week all year.

We had a jam packed, rough 2011 at our house. We built and launched a new business, but it didn’t go as planned. We sent our oldest off to Kindergarten; that’s not going as planned either. I even planned mama made quilts for each of the boys for Christmas, and I had to change that after 2 illnesses, including family wide strep throat, a washing machine on the fritz, and just about every other thing that could trouble us did during the month of December. It’s no matter; we still had a fabulous family Christmas at home. The boys didn’t notice the missing quilts, and it’s time to move on.

While things were a bit rocky here, we stuck with most of our usual way of life. Gardens were grown, creations were built, draw and fostered, compost was made, diapers were cloth, and grace and gentleness was still our goal as parents. One of my favorite things we added this past year to our “normal” was music appreciation. Hubby is teaching, and class is in session several evenings a week as he shares a wide variety of music with the boys. They are learning history, instrumentation, vocabulary, rhythm and so very much more from him all while sitting on the couch or dancing through the living room. I am grateful to have such an incredible partner in life who is so invested in our children!

I have big plans for this year, and I have so very much to share. Stay tuned. I’ll be adding photos of our handmade Christmas, 1st birthday pics, recipes, a recap of last year, and my list of wishes for the year over the next week or two.

In the mean time, here’s some photos of our Halloween gnomes.

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