A New Celebration

Most of you know that my sister passed away on Earth Day 13 years ago. It was just 3 days before her 27th birthday, and this year, finally, after 12 years of struggle I finally found a way to observe both. We started out by taking advantage of a free day at Powell Gardens for Earth Day; I braved it and took all 3 boys (at the time under 5) by myself. We had a blast. Then on April 25, when my sister would have turned 40, we had cake, a homemade pound cake with chocolate meringue frosting. I was planning on posting the frosting recipe, but I really can’t remember how I made it. It was delish, though, and I will replicate it at some point and post it as soon as I figure it out.

After years of watching horrible things happen during the time in which these events happened, it was amazing to finally break free and celebrate! I watched the Columbine High School Massacre, and then, on April 22 the year after my sisters death, spent 3 hours in front of the school I taught at, across the street from a large wooded park, while we waited through a copy cat bomb threat on our own building. Every year it was something. I finally moved on, and I was thrilled to have my 3 boys with me.


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