The stars have it

Some of you know that I love, and collect, stars, but I’m guessing that many of you don’t know about this little aspect of our house. We have star everything around here, and I was prompted to get out our outdoor Christmas lights (stars!) by our 4 year old last week. Nothing like a little boy to motivate decorating that hasn’t happened since he was born! It was fabulous to watch his eyes light up over and over again through out the process! I still smile every time I come home and see our front door just thinking about how happy he was/is about them.

Then we made the pies for Thanksgiving dinner. We went with apple and pumpkin, and I keep hearing from Hubby how wonderful they are. I will admit that the pumpkin pie is the best I’ve ever made, or was; Hubby polished it off tonight. We popped the remaining apple in the freezer; I figure that it will be good after the bambino arrives. Of course, we topped the apple pie with stars:

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