A very special shower

My sister in law is getting married! We are all thrilled about it, and we took time to have a shower for her this past Saturday. I will confess that I looked at her registry, decided that everyone else would go that route, and went and did my own thing.

After much thought, I finally hit upon something I felt was perfect for a new bride that I could manage at 8 months along: placemats, napkins and napkin rings. The placemats are hand dyed cotton on one side and a striped linen blend on the back. The napkins are also hand dyed cotton, and the napkin rings are 8 gauge copper wire. I did have to pull out the jewelry files, and I hadn’t used them in years, but I had a blast making the napkin rings.

What’s a shower without food, right? There was a ton of yummy nosh, and I stuffed my waddling, pregnant self full of egg caseroles, sausage balls, strawberry shortcake triffle, and other amazing dishes. There were 5 of us who hosted, and we all love to cook; plus, my mother in law graciously donated her house for the event! I was asked to make sugar cookies, and I created bride and groom cookies to fill the request. These are really easy; I used the recipes I’ve posted in the past for chocolate sugar cookies and Mamie Eisenhour’s sugar cookie recipe. I cut circles for the grooms and frosted them to wear tiny tuxes after they were baked. The brides were cut with a bell cookie cutter, and I trimmed the little tab off of the top before frosting them with white in the hopes that they would resemble veiled brides from the back. I’m glad I decided to make the grooms too; the brides don’t really hold the image on their own. In a pair, however, they read just as I’d hoped they would.

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