Another little find

I found this photo on my compact flash card when I pulled photos a bit back, and I distinctly remember not taking it. This is the catch all table behind the couch where things the boys should stay out of end up landing. It is also frequently where my camera gets set, you know, to keep the boys from using it without permission and help. Hmmmmmm…. So the other day when the toddler was caught with the camera, he didn’t just learn how to fire the flash for fun, he also to a great photo of my, uh, clutter! Even though it reminds me of a place that needs constant cleaning in our home, I love this photo. I love the surprises involved in parenting; I love the ingenuity of a 2 year old. I love that they keep me on my toes; I love how very much he learns as he explores!

Here’s hoping you have a surprise photo awaiting you too…

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