Feeling Blue

About a month ago I spent a weekend dyeing all the blue fabric I’d need for the pieces in my last show and then some. I decided to give indigo a try, and I LOVED it. I went with the pre-reduced indigo crystals from Dharma Trading Company to limit my own chemical exposure; they were super easy to use. An added bonus was the chemistry lesson the preschooler got while he helped (mostly watched). Active indigo dye is only blue where it meets the air, and dyed fabric comes out yellow, turning blue only after the dye reacts to the oxygen in the air. We were able to watch it go quickly from yellow, to green, to blue as it hung on the line. Fun stuff it was, I tell you.

We still have our vat of dye, but without tending it seems to be exhausting itself beyond repair. I’m hoping to bring it back to life for one more session soon. First, though, I need to try my hand at using the marigolds growing around the garden. I love the fact that dyeing naturally means that even the border I planted to prevent the rabbits from stealing too much from us is not going to be “wasted”; we are using it for color!

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