Finding Balance

There’s nothing like a newborn to make your toddler seem like a giant. Now that we have a 7 pounder around the house, picking up the 25 plus pounds of tantrum throwing goodness for a diaper change seems a bit more physical than it used to.
The general consensus between hubby and me is that the new little guy has brought balance to our house in many ways. He seems to have a bit more of me in him than his older brother, and he’s very laid back. We’ve even discovered that there is such a thing as “peaceful alert” time for infants. With two of them around, there’s never a dull moment, always someone to pay attention to and they both have to learn to share. So, while we’re all extremely tired, we’re also thrilled with the changes our new edition has brought to our house. Well, except for that whole not getting to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time thing.
So far, the baby is the polar opposite of his older brother when it comes to nursing. While the toddler would spend an hour per feeding at this age, this little guy is extremely efficient. He can get the job done in only five or ten minutes most of the time. I was a little worried that he was being too quick about it, but two weight checks have proven that he knows what he’s doing. He’s gaining about 2 ounces a day, and already up over 7 pounds! I’m thankful for quick nursing; it makes it much easier to manage the two kids.
I am not getting much else done these days. I only knit a few stitches a day right now, if that, and while I managed to pick out and arrange fabrics for a work for the show, I haven’t gotten any of the sewing done. Progress on all previous projects has come to a predictable screeching halt. I’m certain that it will pick up a bit once I’m a little more healed from giving birth, but for the time being I take it easy when ever both the kids are asleep.
I think I have a photo to add to this already taken, but I’m way too tired to go get the card from the camera and hunt done my card reader tonight. Check back, I’ll try to add it tomorrow or the next day.

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