Eating well

Most of you know that we have various food issues to navigate at our house. Shopping is an adventure in label reading, and eating out can be a nightmare. We tend to opt for meals at home and snacks we’ve prepared ourselves just so I can be certain we are meeting everyones’ needs. We are always looking for new ways to get good, healthy proteins into our diets; our recent need to drop peanuts and peanut butter from our list of acceptable proteins has made this even more of a challenge.

We tried, and weren’t all that fond of, Sunbutter. (Plus, you can’t really get soy free sunbutter!) One of my favorite local restaurants has a PB&J on the menu that’s made with pecan butter; so I decided to give it a go. Really, it was quite simple. I roasted raw pecan halves in the oven at 300 until just fragrant, popped them in the food processor until they were sand like, and then streamed in oil until it was a good, spreadable consistancy. I am loving this! Hubby swears he doesn’t like pecans and won’t try it, and the boys are both not too interested. I do think I’ll start to sneak it in on them on sandwiches soon; we’ll just have to see what happens. Oh, and I can’t wait to try pecan butter chocolate chip cookies!

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