The replacemat

One of the things I LOVE about being a parent is the random things I find around the house. Toys placed doing funny or interesting things, little piles of stuff found from the days activities, and things just plain moved around. Last week I found a lego fire truck on the dining room table with the ladder extended to the top of a mostly empty glass of milk.

We don’t really use this door much, but we do keep a mat at it. This, however, is not the rug I normally have here. I just love that they are already redecorating the place and starting to make their own marks around here. Of course, some of them (like this) are more appropriate than others. We also have bathtub crayon that won’t clean off on the bathroom walls, and pencil marks on the inside of the front door and a living room wall. Most days, though, those things don’t happen, but the couches aren’t couches either. They’re garbage trucks, boats, fire trucks, cement mixers, and any number of other vehicles they can think of. The boats even float (get pushed across the hardwoods) to the dock (the pew inside the front door). And most days I am able to enjoy the creativity around here, but somedays, well, I can’t get out of my own head and need to have things tidy long enough to enjoy the adorable antics around here. Everyone has a bad day or two, right?

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