Boston Cream Cupcakes

I have no idea why I thought we needed these; I guess it was a craving of sorts. I had to have them. Really, it started about a month ago. It intensified until I finally made them on Friday, with preschooler help, of course, to celebrate the first poo in the toilet (as opposed to his pants) in a while. Uhhh, all I have to say is YUM!

These weren’t exactly EASY, but they aren’t hard either. There are three parts to make, but I even made the ganache in the microwave. I looked through several recipes, and used this one. I almost followed it completely, but opted for half whole wheat flour in the cake and used the bread flour I had in place of the pastry flour. They turned out great, and the pastry cream and ganache were perfect!

Stop drooling and go make these; they are so worth it!

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