Two for One: August

I’m going to apologize for my recent missing posts; I normally share with you folks 5 or 6 times a week. Of late, however, I have, well, slacked off a bit. I’m a bit more tired these days as we head for trimester 3, and there is just so very much to get done around here these days that I am finding it hard to get photos taken and even harder to sit down in front of the computer. I figure I owe you guys a two for one at this point, and I still have a dress to get photographed and share!

The KU alumni association hosts a football kick off party and pep rally not too far from us every fall. Normally we attend as a family every year; as a matter of fact, we have gone together every year since it began. That is, we continued this tradition until this year when Hubby had a wedding. I chose to send the boys off in grand style with their grandparents and aunt while I stayed home and essentially began the very important process of nesting. Yep, nesting! More about that later…

The August block for the SSS is complete. I had some extra knitting time on my recent solo, whirlwind trip to Texas, and I was pretty set on cranking this out so I could get back to knitting a sweater to keep me warm this winter. Which is exactly where I am heading right now!

Happy weekend!

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