A certain big brother turned four today, at 3 am to be exact. I am certain that he slept through the actual time, but I didn’t. For some reason, 3 am rolls around on his birthday and my eyes pop open. I mindfully acknowledge the time of his birth, and then drift back to sleep, this year, thankful that other than this brief awakening I got to sleep the rest of the night. Four. I seems like just yesterday that we brought home the tiny little baby who cried all the time; it’s hard to believe that he has been with us for four whole years. It seems as though I could have blinked and missed it! His personality is just as loud now as it was then, but as I watch him grow, I am certain that his persistence and determination will help him change the world. I love this little guy, and I am proud to be his mama.

I am also happy to announce that he willingly turned four. He came to me on Saturday and declared, “I would like to turn four on my birthday now. I don’t want to be 3 + 1 anymore.” And that was it.

For months he’s been asking for a train cake that was hauling construction equipment, and while the scale was a bit off and the frosting gave me fits in this awful humidity we are having, he loved it. He’s wanted some construction equipment and the car transporter for his Plan city for a while now.

I made the wheels and railroad ties out of chocolate sugar cookie dough we mixed up together; I will share the recipe soon, but not before we head out on the road to Texas. Hubby has a wedding to shoot, and we will visit my family while we are there. I’ll be back late next week with tales of our trip, and hopefully, things can start to be a bit more consistent around here again.

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