Here we May again

I finally finished the May block for the SSS last night. I am already loving the Brown Sheep skinny cotton I picked up to (hopefully) complete the project. The June block is already on my needles; I am determined to get caught up this month and finish the June block in *ahem* June.

In other knitting news, I just finished aquiring the last of the yarn for another big project that I can’t wait to cast on, but I’m going to keep you guys in suspense for a bit longer. Venture a guess if you like, but I’m not telling for a bit! 😉

I will also confess that I checked 5 knitting books out at the library earlier this week, and I almost immediately added 4 projects to my must knit list. There is a Kumon kimono in my future; I am certain of it! I am off to knit myself to sleepiness. I’m guessing it won’t take long tonight; I’m already yawning.

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