We started a new backyard project yesterday about which I am pretty excited! The preschooler and I are building a lean to. He only stays focused on it for a while, but I am certain that he will LOVE it when it is finished. I am also certain that it will be the little boy fort of choice for years to come at our house. Well, at least until we finally build that tree house we are all wanting…

At not quite 4, his vision of what this will be and how to build it is a bit limited. After the basic structure was roughed out, I took him in to have a look around in hopes that he could start to understand how it would take shape. His limited vision lead to tripping, falling, and minorly injuring himself in the process. The leaning move from just the fallen branches to the little boy too, on mama.

After tears and hugs, he quickly moved on to having a look around what will be our new outdoor abode. He approved, and he was eager to get back out and work on it again this evening.

We were especially excited because of the large load of “fallen” branches in our yard today. Two trees had to go to make room for the “urban farm” as I have been known to call it. Felled yesterday, they have left us with plenty of “lumber” to choose from. Looks like mama will have to get out the hack saw tomorrow…

There is always a lot of leaning going on around here; that is just exactly what family is for! If you need us, we’ll be in the backyard.

Thanks to Hubby for snapping a couple of photos with my camera!

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