Better Late…

We started seeds a good LONG time ago, and they have grown and grown and grown. Most of them were ready to harden off a bit back, but we don’t have a garden yet in which to plant them. Oh, we started clearing a spot about 2 months ago. I battled what most have been well more than 20 years growth of woody ground cover for 6 weeks before I gave up and hired our buddy Brian (who does this sort of thing for a living…) to take the darned stuff out for us. Now there’s the matter of a couple of trees that need to come out, and with any luck they will be cut down tomorrow. I am starting to think that we will actually have a garden sometime this year. Maybe.

I will certainly keep you all aprised of our progress. We are hopeful that we are at least laying the groundwork for amazing gardens for years to come!

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