New Frontiers

The toddler is quickly adapting to the quintessential role of a two year old, and he is loving trying new things. He is, for all practical purposes, convinced that he can do everything that everyone else in the family does and a few things that we don’t: like stand on the arm of the couch. Yeah, there’s no photos of that; I’d rather catch him than capture the moment!

In the last few days his explorations have been rather artistic. I’m certain that some of you are conjuring up crayon covered rooms, but, alas, this mama is the one who redecorated her entire bedroom (and every toy that was in the way) with a handful of crayons when she was this age. Crayons are strictly used only at the table under mama’s watchful eye around here. Instead, it was a bit more like this:

Yogurt finger painting as much of the dining room table and bench as he could. Well, until he decided to start eating it again.

And using mama’s camera (with a bit of help) to take pictures of his daddy. I recently broke a lens when I dropped my D70, so I kept a hand on it for him, but he did all the rest; hence the lack of appropriate focus. He took several shots, and they all have dad in them. He has officially reached the age where daddy hung the moon, and I am now playing second fiddle. It’s okay, though; like his brother he was ALL about mama until about 22 months (and he still is all about mama at bedtime!). I had a good run… 😉

We are having a blast around here watching him explore with more meaning than he ever has before. I can’t wait to see what he will try tomorrow!

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