Feeling Loved

I made this fabric book for a print making project when I was in undergrad at KU. It’s about the seasons. I chose an image and a color to represent each season, and I sewed the entire thing together so it opens, alternately, up and down and side by side. I understand that the construction is a little odd, and truthfully, the project was not all that well received in critique or by the professor. I hung onto it anyway; I had worked hard on it. Even though the concept of the book was not entirely successful, the execution and craft were pretty strong, and I was certain I would use it later, for something.

:: Summer

:: Fall

:: Winter

:: Spring

:: The final page, a reprint of the cover with the season images shifted one slot in rotation.

I got the book out for the boys to play with when the toddler was a baby. It did not hold either of their interest much at all and ended up spending a lot of time at the bottom of the toy box. A few weeks ago I was cleaning up in the preschoolers room and found the book in his bed with all his blankets (I think there’s 7 of them…) and pillows. I held it up and asked him, “Have you been sleeping with this.” He smiled and said, “Yes.” Guess one of my two most important clients decided it was just right.

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