A certain little boy at our house turned 2 on Sunday. Two? Really? Already? Yep, 2. I’m shocked; it seems like just yesterday he was born. I clearly remember sitting on the coffee table for a tell tale round of contractions in the afternoon that subsided at about dinner time, followed by the “real” ones at exactly 9:20 pm. I recall making four phone calls, the doctor, our neighbor, a friend, and my mother-in-law before getting in the car and waiting in the drive way for hubby’s parents to be driving up the street. We actually waved to them from the drive way and ran at least one light on the way to the hospital. Eighty-seven minutes later he arrived at 10:47 pm. And now, he’s 2! The last two years have gone in a blink, and I am certain that the next 18 or 20 will seem to fly by just as fast.

We are trying to soak it all in just as much as we can with each of the boys, but it just goes by so very quickly. The little guy had a farm themed birthday party with a “seep” cake. I had a wonderful time getting ready for this one.

His mama made gift was a farm story board. I followed Bernadette’s directions here in Rhythm of the Home, but I pieced the background before attaching it to the base to create a hilly outdoor scene. I was able to do this from only materials I already had on hand, and both the boys LOVE playing with it. I can see us adding pieces to it in the future.

I also created a banner to hang for his party with bandana print fabric. This was both fun and easy, and I think we will be using it again for other festive occasions. We picked up a few bales of straw, a bunch of bandanas, and I drew a small farm themed coloring and creativity book to pass out as a party favor. All in all, we had a good time and both boys seemed to have a blast at the party. The sheep, who I named Jehosephat while piping “wool” on him, was devoured right down to his head. He is, of course, long gone, and I assure you that he was chocolate and not red velvet cake! 😉

Finally, I would love to tell you guys that my nearly two week long absence was simply because I was getting ready for a party and finishing up Inside Out, but, well, not so much. I was busy getting ready for the little guys party, but I opted to take the last week or so off as much as possible. I did not even touch what I have left of Shannon’s class during that time. I just plain needed to take a short break; we have a lot of things going on around here right now, many of them are possible big changes for us. With so very much for us to discuss and consider as we make decisions, I needed the time to think and pray about things. I am happily back, and I have so much to share with you. See you tomorrow!

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