…off the needles. I bought myself two skeins of yarn a while back to knit myself a matching hat and scarf. Okay, let me clarify; I bought two very different mismatched skeins of yarn. This is the main body of the scarf, and it is off the needles for a bit. It is Blue Sky’s worsted cotton in the Loop Pattern from Knit and Purl. I plan to finish some other knitting before I knit the hat and come back to complete the scarf. I’m guessing that it won’t be finished in time for cold weather this season.

I have also momentarily laid the SSS aside to knit on a prayer shawl for my mom. She is back in the hospital after a fall over the weekend. She’s improving right now, but I hope that a prayer shawl will help her get through the tough things she has to come. The February block is not finished, and I’m giving myself some grace here to let it go for a bit.

When both the shawl and the block are finished, there’s some serious Easter knitting to do. Hope you’re enjoying whatever you have on your needles, knitting or metaphorical!

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