Playing the Waiting Game

Yep, I’m up to more fabric dying. This was to be an experiment to verify something I discovered last time I tea dyed, and, as of this morning at the 24 hour mark, it’s not working. I’m hoping that extra time will make the difference, but that leaves me anxiously waiting for the tea to do it’s job. I do hope this works, but I’m guessing that something failed in the processĀ  this time. That means moving onto another test.

I’m also waiting for mold to grow. Yep, I haven’t checked the tubs in the basement lately, but we are about halfway through the two month wait to rinse and wash the yardage I set to stain at the end of January. I don’t figure you guys want to see the mold itself, so I’m sparing you the pictures.

I’ll keep you posted about the tea.

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