A Super Secret Surprise Update

The super secret surprise (SSS) is coming right along on schedule. I have successfully finished a block a month since the beginning of last year. Hubby is quietly playing along and pretending that he doesn’t know what all these blocks are going to become. Nineteen of the needed 30 blocks are finished, and I’m starting to get excited about getting finished with such a large project. If I keep up with the schedule, I’ll finish the last block this coming December, just in time to seam it up when it’s getting really cold outside.

I haven’t posted about the progress on this project since October. Somehow, posting each block as I finished them got lost in the shuffle of the holidays. I ran out of the off-white border yarn I was using as I knew I would, and moved on to a beige organic cotton in November. The blocks in this photo are from November, December, and January. I cast on for February’s block last night.

I’ve darn near knit enough to cover our entire dining room table. I’m thrilled with how things look so far, but laying it all out seems to just get me more excited about getting it all completed. I didn’t even let myself think about trying to arrange the blocks today; that’s a thrill only aloud when they are all finished! I did spend a bit of time trying to think through what style of blocks will be needed to balance it all out. I think there need to be at least two more mitered blocks, and there might need to be another block or two knit on the diagonal.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how it’s all stacking up!

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